moderator program


  • 1 - What is a "moderator"?

    A moderator is a person who, in keeping with the site's mission, assists users in getting the most out of participation in the community, and helps to maintain a positive, results-oriented atmosphere through enforcing adherence to site rules.

    Moderators serve a one-year term, from July to June.

    The moderator role is described in further detail here.

  • 2 - How are moderators selected?

    Members who wish to express their interest in serving a term as moderator may do so by submitting an application for moderator.

    Some candidates volunteer for the position, some are recommended or "nominated" by current moderators or by other members, and others are selected by staff among site members. All are required to complete an application for moderator

    Advice and feedback on candidates may be asked from other moderators, but the ultimate decision and responsibility falls on site staff.

  • 3 - I would like to volunteer to serve a term as a moderator, what should I do?

    Volunteers to serve as a moderator can use the application system found on the moderator overview pages.

    Volunteers are always welcome, but note that the criteria for moderators are such that not everyone can become one. Some of the criteria for moderator candidates include experience on the site, in the community and the industry, membership level, citizenship, activity level, and openings available for moderation.

  • 4 - I have a complaint about a rules enforcement or other action taken by moderators or staff, where can I register this?

    If you have a problem, complaint or question regarding rules enforcement actions taken by staff or moderators, please contact site staff via the support system. When necessary, requests such as these will be referred to a supervisor. Requests for clarification on site rules and rules enforcement should use this channel, and not be posted in the forums.

  • 5 - How knowledgeable do moderators have to be of the language (pair) they moderate?

    Site moderators are not required to have a specific level of knowledge in a given language to moderate in areas in which such language is used. Site moderators are appointed to greet and guide new participants to the forums and KudoZ, and help them to properly use and benefit from what is available to them at Also, in conjunction with other moderators and site staff members, moderators are expected to help to maintain a constructive environment by carrying out enforcement of the site's rules in a consistent and structured manner. As long as the moderator can carry out with these two tasks, no specific level of language knowledge is required.

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