moderator program

Helping to ensure fair play — so that networking and collaboration are possible.

Like referees in sports, moderators help to ensure fair play by enforcing a specific set of rules in a uniform manner.

What moderators do's KudoZ and forum areas are monitored by a group of volunteers known as "moderators". Their role is to foster and protect the positive, results-oriented atmosphere that makes possible, by:

  • Greeting and guiding
    Moderators welcome new participants to the forums and KudoZ, and help them to properly use and benefit from what is available to them at

  • Enforcing site rules
    In conjunction with other moderators and site staff members, moderators help to maintain a constructive environment by carrying out enforcement of the site's rules in a consistent and structured manner.

To learn more about the moderator role, read the program overview (.pdf).

Who they are

The moderator group consists of an international group of translators who speak and work in a wide variety of languages. Moderators serve one-year terms, starting each August. At any given time, there are about one hundred moderators. See current moderators...

Why they do it

Moderators understand that having a system to ensure fair play is part of what makes possible. They may have benefited from and have chosen to give something back by playing their part, in turn, in this system. See comments from moderators...

More information

Please direct any questions or comments concerning the moderator program, or moderators, to site staff via the site's online support system.