Practical Spanish to English translation quality assurance 2 - Style

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Practical Spanish to English translation quality assurance 1 – Terminology
Practical Spanish to English translation quality assurance 2 - Style

Summary:This highly practical, interactive webinar/workshop identifies a wide range of common translation challenges in the Spanish to English combination and establishes ways to deal with them, to help translators ensure they produce high-quality translations. The main focus is style.
There are certain terms, certain tricky elements of grammar and punctuation and certain translation challenges that come up again and again in the translation process. Spanish, like every other language, has its own unique set of translation “problems”, which represent extra time and indecision for the English-speaking translator. These challenges can lead translators to make bad decisions, which result in errors or poor style, reducing the quality of the translation.

In these two highly practical sessions, the first focussing more on terminological and the second more on stylistic issues, we will identify a wide range of translation challenges posed by Spanish texts and establish ways to deal with them, to ensure a higher quality translation. The content has been gathered by the speaker based on her own experience as a translator and proofreader. She will discuss real, everyday challenges that arise in Spanish to English translation due to terminological, usage, grammatical and punctuation differences between the languages.

Attendees will be asked to perform short translation challenges throughout the hour to make sure they really engage and help them absorb the extensive content, so be ready with your paper and pencil!
Target audience
- Spanish to English translators, proofreaders and translation students. The speaker is British and works from European Spanish, but the content should be useful for speakers of other regional varieties of these languages as well.

- English to Spanish translators and translation students may also find this webinar useful, but please note that we will be working from an English perspective and all translation will be from Spanish into English.
Learning objectives
In this course you will:

- Identify lots of specific pitfalls in the process of translating from Spanish to English

- Build up an armoury of ideas and solutions to draw from in future translations

- Consider techniques to improve the quality of your translations
- High level of Spanish and English
- Familiarity with the translation process
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Bio: Gwenydd Jones is a freelance Spanish-to-English translator and translator trainer. She has two MAs, the first in Translation Studies and the second in Legal Translation, and the DipTrans (CIOL). With 10 years’ experience, Gwenydd specialises in business, marketing and legal translation. She is also a copywriter. You can read her blog and discover her Spanish-to-English translation courses at