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Networking event for Hotel & Tourism industry translators

Jul 11, 2013

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Since 2009 ProZ.com has proudly hosted a free, annual virtual event for translation professionals. These events deliver on ProZ.com's mission to provide tools and opportunities to network, improve your business and have more fun.

The event is free for attendees due to the generous support of sponsors and exhibitors. As these events utilize ever-changing technology to facilitate networking and communication in a virtualized environment, the platform has also been mis-used by some to propagate spam or advertising. ProZ.com's virtual events prohibit advertising/promotion and seek to reduce spam.

Please understand that many attendees view unsolicited instant messages and communications of the type "English to Spanish translator, good quality and rates" as a form of spam. Likewise, off topic comments and messages to group and public boards are viewed by many as a distraction.

Please remember that all attendees at ProZ.com's virtual events, by attending, agree to abide by the ProZ.com site rules and that all communication should be respectful, on topic and free of SPAM content, in the interest of making the experience a more productive one for everyone.

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