Powwows are informal get-togethers of groups of users living in close proximity. The events are organized by local translators, for local translators.

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»» Milano - Jan 27 2007
"Hi, all, It was great to meet you all today at the Powwow. I had an absolute blast and I met some wonderful people. Thanks especially to Isabel, Fiona, James, Giovanni, Iryna (thanks for organising!), Miranda, Roberta, the nice lady from Vilnius, and loads of others - I apologise for forgetting your names! (And it only finished an hour ago... mi vergogno.) Colm"

Organizer: Organizer PNS interviewer: PNS interviewer Reporter: Reporter Photographer: Photographer Host: Host

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Country City Date Event Organizer Attendees
Montreal  Organizer Reporter Photographer Host 
Jun 28  
Ynes Mouche
22 (16/3)
Augsburg  Organizer Reporter 
Feb 20  
Liva Dziedataja
Leipzig  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Hosted by three freelancers in Leipzig
Mar 3  
David Terhart
Đan Mạch
Flensborg  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Årets powwow - sæt kryds i kalenderen
Nov 3  
Susanne Rosenberg
15 (2)
Strasbourg  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Using CHORUS for courts
Feb 20  
Ritu Bhanot
Vương Quốc Anh
Belfast  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
February translators meet-up
Feb 22  
Christina McGown
10 (2/1/2)
Vương Quốc Anh
Birmingham  Organizer Reporter 
Spring powwow
Mar 3  
Sian Edwards
Vương Quốc Anh
Cardiff  Organizer Reporter 
10th Anniversary Powwow
May 5  
Victoria Burns
11 (5)
Vương Quốc Anh
Cardiff  Organizer Reporter 
Mar 10  
Alexandra Chapman
6 (4)
Vương Quốc Anh
Edinburgh  Organizer Reporter 
Spring Drinks at Bar Akva
Mar 22  
Julian Wagstaff
6 (4/1)
Mê hi cô
Mazunte, Oaxaca  Organizer Reporter 
Encuentro international
Feb 17  
Hélène St-Pierre
Bratislava  Organizer Reporter Photographer 
Coronation Celebration Festival
Jun 22  
Miroslav Menhert
16 (2/2)
Kharkiv  Organizer Reporter 
Mar 17  
Helen Shepelenko
9 (1)

To attend a powwow, you must be a member.
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