Technical writing and translation in STE (Simplified Technical English)

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Summary:Controlled grammatical structures and vocabulary – on which STE is based – have the purpose of producing texts that are easily understandable and, consequently, of dramatically reducing any possible misinterpretation. Another important aspect that will be discussed is the STE adaptability and flexibility. In essence, if the rules and vocabulary of STE can be considered adequate to be used by other industries or to assist the automatic translation process. Although STE has a controlled vocabulary (mainly mined from aviation maintenance manual) of approximately 800 words, the specification remains flexible through an unrestricted categorical use of technical names and technical verbs that are applicable to specific projects, companies and industries.
The presentation's purpose is to introduce ASD Simplified Technical English, Specification ASD-STE100 (STE), as a standard recognized and used worldwide. It will include a brief history of the STE specification within the aviation industry, its range of applications, a summary of its structure, the overall principles and rules. The focus will be put on the fact that STE is regarded as an important and valuable resource for technical writing to simplify the correct understanding of instructions by the operators and remove linguistic barriers.
Target audience
Technical Translators & Technical Writers
Learning objectives
After the Webinar you will know what ASD Simplified Technical English stands for and why it has been created. In addition, you will get an idea of the basic writing rules and the content of its Glossary. You will also know where to request the latest copy from and what tools are available in the marked in order to support the implementation of STE (Simplified Technical English).
Experience in Translation and Technical Writing
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- The importance of communication
- The need of global language
- English as the global language. Controlled languages as standards

ASD Simplified Technical English
- Historical background, principles, basic rules

- Part 1 – Writing Rules
- Part 2 – Dictionary
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Bio: Irene Koukia was born in Germany.

She obtained the Travel and Tourism Consultant Diploma from IATA/UFTAA in 1992 and successfully completed the One-year translator training program at meta|φραση School of Translator Training in 2010. She also obtained a diploma as a Personal & Business Coach from ILS GmbH in April 2015, and she is studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University.

She is working as a Technical Translator, mainly from German/English to Greek, at her own company, Metafrasma Ltd, since 2008. She also works as a Trainer for since 2011, and as a Tutor for meta|φραση School of Translator Training since 2015. She is the National Representative of STEMG for Greece, following the nomination by the HASDIG, providing training and certification for ASD-STE100.