The Blue Board has been an important risk management tool for language service providers since 2001 and includes 171,755 entries across 14,245 outsourcers.

Access limited

Your access to the information in the Blue Board record is limited. To gain full access, consider becoming a professional or business member. Member Only Feature Tư cách thành viên members enjoy unlimited access to all Blue Board records. This includes:

  • Complete access to outsourcer contact information
  • LWA entries
  • Outsourcer entry comments and comment search
  • The ability to apply to outsourcers that are actively accepting applications from freelancers
  • Graphs, visualizations, and detailed statistics on LWA entries
  • Access to the edit history of comments
  • Additional category ratings (members are able to see ratings entered by others for the outsourcers that they have rated. Plus subscribers are further able to view ratings entered for outsourcers that they have not worked for)
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Dịch giả đã từng làm việc cho những người đăng việc sau đây phải tạo các mục.

Did you know that you can ask others to make entries concerning a particular outsourcer? To do so, simply click "Call for entries" from the outsourcer's record page.

Search by outsourcer name, country, and/or primary profile name (i.e. 'ABC Company France').

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