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ProZ.com Brazilian conference - pre-conference virtual powwow

Aug 20, 2013

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ProZ.com Brazilian conference

   Pre-conference virtual powwow   



Join fellow Portuguese speakers for a virtual powwow via chat or video.



During this virtual powwow, you will be able to:

  • Meet colleagues working in Portuguese via chat or video.
  • Discuss topics of interest to Brazilian translators and translators working in Portuguese.
  • Learn more about ProZ.com Brazilian conference (August 24-25).
  • Have fun.


Some of the topics proposed include:

  • Brazilian Portuguese vs. European Portuguese: are they really all that different?
  • Finding international clients
  • Issues with clients (common problems or pet peeves)
  • Translation industry in Brazil: concerns of freelancers living/working in Brazil
  • Using ProZ.com to advance or start your business
  • Marketing yourself: best practices, advice

You can vote on these topics or propose others by registering for this event!



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Note: this virtual powwow is open to every ProZ.com user, member and non-member, interested in the translation industry in Brazil. You do not need to have registered for the ProZ.com Brazilian conference in Recife to attend this virtual powwow.

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